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Lifesaving Oral Electrolyte Solution Donated by MAP International Flown to Haiti Aboard U.S. Military Aircraft

Brunswick, GA, April 30, 2024 – MAP International, a Brunswick-based nonprofit global health organization, donated 20 pallets of oral electrolyte solution that was flown to Haiti last week aboard U.S. military aircraft.

The shipment was a collaborative effort between MAP International, Lift NonProfit Logistics, and the US Department of Defense Denton Humanitarian Assistance Program to deliver this critical rehydration product to support the work of one of MAP’s long-time partners, Hope for Haiti.

Haiti has been in crisis since the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in 2021, but in the last few months the country has seen a sharp escalation of gang violence, displacing nearly 15,000 people from Port-au-Prince, disrupting air travel, impeding the delivery of humanitarian aid, and plunging 44 percent of the population into acute food insecurity.

For MAP International’s partner on the ground, Hope for Haiti, this has meant an increase in the number of people they are trying to serve, particularly at their health clinics. The donated oral electrolyte solution will be used to support ongoing efforts to treat dehydration and respond to cholera outbreaks.

“MAP International has been a proud partner of Hope for Haiti for many years. Our prayers are with them as they continue to serve the people of Haiti despite increasingly dangerous conditions,” says Steve Stirling, President and CEO of MAP International. “We have long admired the incredible resilience of the Haitian people, and we will do all we can to support them as they work to restore stability and peace to their country.”

Some of these oral electrolyte solution products are part of Hope for Haiti’s prepositioning efforts, as they anticipate an increase of cholera cases in the south of Haiti as violence in Port-au-Prince continues to displace more people.

The lack of supplies and inability to ship humanitarian aid into Haiti has affected healthcare providers across the country, forcing many clinics and even hospitals to close their doors, leaving Haitians without access to the essential medicines and care they need.

The flight that delivered nearly 28,000 pounds of MAP-donated oral electrolyte solution will not only provide hydration for more than 10,000 people, but it is also an important step toward resuming flights into Haiti.


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