Healing Hearts, Lowering Pressure

Dr. Susan Beebout, a medical missionary who has served in Niamey, Niger, with her family since 2007, is accustomed to treating patients who live in poverty and struggle just to survive. The people that come into her clinic each day experience a lack of some vital resource almost constantly – and medicine is no exception.

“Since the coup d’etat in Niger on July 26, 2023, we have had a very difficult time getting imported medications into the country. This has resulted in many patients being unable to properly care for their chronic health problems because they cannot afford the medications,” Dr. Beebout explains.

She says that many of the clinic’s “luxury” products (which are simply basic medicines here in the U.S.) come from MAP, and “have made a huge difference in patients’ lives.”

For Dr. Beebout, MAP medicines recently became a lot more personal, transforming the life of her family’s nanny, a wonderful Nigerien woman named Mariama. Dr. Beebout has been treating Mariama for high blood pressure, but her condition has been very difficult to control.

“I have never been able to normalize her blood pressure until I purchased hydralazine from MAP,” says Dr. Beebout. “Now, she feels much better, with fewer headaches and less dizziness. And while she still requires 5 classes of medication to control her blood pressure, hydralazine was a good solution to finally treat it!”

In this case, MAP medicine not only transformed the life of one woman, Mariama; but by helping Mariama be healthier, the entire Beebout family – and consequently their ministry in Niamey – also benefited. This is the kind of ripple effect that health and healing can have! If you would like to be a part of bringing medicine to the furthest corners of the world, visit MAP.org to learn how you can partner with us.


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