MAP International Celebrates 70 Years of Global Service

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MAP International Celebrates 70 Years of Global Service

Brunswick, GA, June 24, 2024 – This year, MAP International, a Brunswick-based global health nonprofit organization, is celebrating 70 years of impact.

In the last 7 decades, MAP International has provided lifesaving medicine and health supplies to those in need across the world.  Reaching millions of people in 160 different countries.

MAP’s story first began in 1954, when Christian Medical Society administrator Ray Knighton received a call.  A pharmaceutical friend told him that he had shipped 11 tons of surplus medicine to Knighton’s office.

Knighton was already keenly aware of the growing need for medicine in developing countries.  He and his secretary immediately set to work, connecting the donated medicine with doctors serving on the mission field.  Within three months, every last box of medicine had been shipped from Knighton’s tiny office to mission hospitals and doctors overseas.

Seventy years since that fateful day, MAP International has grown to be a leading global health nonprofit, reaching people all over the world.  In 2023 alone, the organization delivered 6 million pounds of medicine – representing more than 63 million treatments with a value of over $826 million.

“An incredible act of kindness and generosity marked the beginning of MAP in 1954,” says MAP’s President and CEO, Steve Stirling.  “It is that same spirit of generosity in our supporters that has given MAP the ability to continue distributing lifesaving medicine and health supplies for the last 70 years.”

No longer held in an overflowing office, medicine donated to MAP is carefully stored in its state-of-the-art Global Distribution Center located in Brunswick, Georgia.  In 2023, MAP International christened a brand-new Global Distribution Center, giving the organization the capacity to double its impact. Combined, these two warehouses can hold thousands of tons of medicine which is then distributed to people in need around the world.

In honor of the organization’s 70th anniversary, MAP International’s goal in 2024 is to deliver a record 70 million patient treatments.  Spreading health and hope to more people than ever before.  “Each life saved, every community transformed by MAP medicine – all are a testament to God’s great grace and provision,” says Stirling.   

About MAP International

MAP International is a leading global non-profit humanitarian organization whose goal is to provide medicine for all people. With a strong legacy of humanitarian service spanning 70 years, MAP International continues to evolve and innovate in its mission to make the world a better place for everyone across the globe. Visit for more.