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 MAP International Sending Emergency Aid to Syria and Turkey Following Devastating Earthquake 

Brunswick, GA, February 10, 2023 – MAP International, a nonprofit health organization based out of Brunswick, GA, is airlifting emergency aid to the victims of the earthquake that rocked southern Turkey and northern Syria on February 6.

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake left a trail of devastation and suffering in its wake. Over 34,000 people have been confirmed dead, with thousands more injured. These numbers are expected to rise, especially given the statistically low survival rate of victims who have been trapped for more than 72 hours.

Relief efforts for survivors have been hampered by aftershocks, freezing temperatures, rain, and snow. As conditions deteriorate, survivors are sleeping in government shelters, in their cars, or out on the streets. For those who miraculously escaped the earthquake, they are now faced with simply trying to survive the harsh elements without food, water, or heat.

MAP International is planning to ship essential medicines and health supplies to their on-the-ground partners in Turkey and Syria. Because of their partnership model and careful pre-positioning of emergency supplies, MAP is already equipped with mechanisms to respond to this crisis.

“The stories we are hearing from our partners in Turkey and Syria are heartbreaking – so many lives lost, and survivors mourning their loved ones while trying to survive the harsh elements. It is heartbreaking,” said Steve Stirling, President and CEO of MAP. “We are working quickly with our partners on the ground to deliver as much aid as we can.”

The emergency aid that MAP is shipping to their partners in the region include Interagency Emergency Health Kits (IEHKs), which contain 90 days’ worth of medicines for 10,000 individuals – items like antibiotics, pain relievers, antiseptics, bandages, and gloves.

“While we know that hygiene items can’t soothe the tragic loss that these people have suffered, our hope is that by receiving these care packages, survivors might know that they have not been forgotten,” says Jeff Hay, MAP’s Senior Manager of Partnership Development and Relief.

To give to MAP International’s relief efforts in Turkey and Syria, visit In a region already navigating crisis after crisis, help is needed now more than ever. MAP stands ready to both support relief efforts and to invest in the long-term recovery of disaster regions.

Donors can give to MAP International with confidence. According to MinistryWatch, an organization that screens nonprofit ministries and identifies “organizations that are above board and running efficiently,” MAP International has an “A” transparency score and the highest efficiency rating. In addition, as an organization that has earned the highest level of achievement through Charity Navigator, MAP is included in their list of highly-rated charities providing relief and recovery in the wake of the devastating earthquakes. 

After a disaster this severe, every moment counts when it comes to aiding survivors. You can make a difference in – or even save – the life of someone who has just lost everything. Visit today.