MAP International is a global Christian health and relief organization that partners with people living in conditions of poverty to save lives and develop healthier families and communities.
“We wanted to extend our deep appreciation to you for all of your assistance with our Liberia, Ebola relief commodities projects over the last six months, from the donations of MAP of desperately needed PPE’s and medical supplies." - George Guimarcaes, President & CEO PCI
MAP in Action


A Nonprofit Charity Promoting Health and Hope


With the mission to promote the Total Health of those living in underdeveloped regions all over the world, MAP International has established a program that enables it to deliver much needed medicines and supplies efficiently to impoverished communities and create lasting positive change. MAP International is a global nonprofit Christian health organization consistently recognized for our 99% efficiency rating, and trusted by the communities we serve as well as the major corporations we work with as their key philanthropic partner.


MAP International's task now is to support these communities by providing them with training and equipment. To this end, we have created a system that allows us to gather hundreds of millions of dollars worth of essential medicines and supplies and deliver them to areas that lack access to these resources. Through the supplies and support our nonprofit provides, we do more than just help fight and prevent diseases in poor communities—we also help them take action to change the conditions they live in.


While "MAP" historically stood for "Medical Assistance Programs," our work has long since expanded beyond medical assistance. Today, our nonprofit aims to empower individuals and families living in poor communities so that they are able to create their own solutions to improve their own health and development. This is what we call Total Health—the capacity for people to work together and transform their situation in a sustainable way so they can advance their physical, emotional, social, economical, environmental, and spiritual well-being.


Thanks to our corporate partnerships, we have been able to ship over $4 billion in medication to 2 billion people, making us one of the best charities to work with. If you work for a distributor or manufacturer of healthcare products and are interested in working with charitable organizations to donate medical supplies, you can partner with MAP International to provide medicines and other equipment to hospitals, clinics, and short-term medical missions in the communities we serve across the globe.


Charity Navigator—America's largest independent charity evaluator—has given MAP International a four-star rating out of four for its sound fiscal management practices and commitment to transparency and accountability. To learn more about our financial or nonprofit charity status, click here. You may also call us at 800-225-8550 or email for more information.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries about our nonprofit programs or about donating or volunteering with us.